2015_Day 165: A few of my favorite things

On this wet Sunday morning in central Texas, the song “A Few of My Favorite Things” came to mind while looking at my flowers. I love how the rain makes flower petals shine!

Raindrops on flowers like cosmos and zinnias.

Marigolds glisten with kisses from heaven.

Oh the petunias, you’re so beautiful!

Rain makes you all look so very regal.

When the rain falls,

You look pretty.

When the rain falls,

From the sky.

I love how the drops make you look so majestic.

Your shine makes me smile all day.


2 thoughts on “2015_Day 165: A few of my favorite things

  1. Shannon

    Ha! Now that song will get stuck in my head. Stay high and dry, Julie. The rains ain’t close to bring done in Texas! Your flower garden is enviable; mostly fruits for this girl.

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