About this blog

Chocolate Chips and Chaos is a mish-mash of my life. I love to garden, so you’ll see a lot of posts about my trials and tribulations with dirt and Mother Nature. Gardening (hopefully) leads to food, so plan on reading about cooking successes and fails, too. As a fairly new resident to central Texas, you’ll hear about my (and my family’s) acclimation to a different climate and culture. And my attempts to be a DIYer, in everything from trying to repair/refinish my own furniture to becoming a better seamstress.

The controlled chaos that is my life seems to happen in streaks of one thing or another, so don’t be surprised if you see gardening posts for weeks on end. You can be certain that November and December will be filled with more posts on holiday food, especially treats. Especially chocolate treats. And the rest of the time? Who knows where the chaos will lead me? Wherever that is, I plan to have a little chocolate with my chaos. I hope you get yours, too.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. My old blog, Garden Booyah, still exists although I don’t post to it anymore. I keep it around whenever I want to remember my wonderful (well, mostly) memories in Northeastern Wisconsin. While I don’t miss Wisconsin winters, I do miss my clothesline flower garden and my beautiful raspberry patch.

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