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2015_Day 225: It’s here!

The cabinet we had built by Jim Pfau of Pavo Real Furniture was delivered today by Pfau himself. He even set up the two pieces with husband. Apparently he likes to deliver all the pieces he creates to see where they’re going to reside. Continue reading

2015_Day 210: Cabinet update – color changes

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the photos of the custom cabinet we’re having built out of reclaimed wood. It’s unbelievably gorgeous, even if it is a different color than I had originally thought I wanted. Husband and I went out to Pavo Real Furniture┬álast Saturday to get our first in-person look and talk to owner Jim Pfau about the color. Continue reading

2015_Day 201: A distressed but beautiful blue

The base of my new cabinet, made out of reclaimed wood.

The base of my new cabinet, made out of reclaimed wood.

A month ago today, I wrote about my desire to have a cabinet custom built for an odd shaped area of our house. Husband and I had met Jim and Carolyn Pfau at Poppy Days in Georgetown back in April and then saw Jim again at Fredericksburg Trade Days in June. Jim creates signature pieces from reclaimed and distressed wood and metal and I was instantly intrigued by the Pavo Real Furniture. Continue reading