2015_Day 210: Cabinet update – color changes

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the photos of the custom cabinet we’re having built out of reclaimed wood. It’s unbelievably gorgeous, even if it is a different color than I had originally thought I wanted. Husband and I went out to Pavo Real Furniture last Saturday to get our first in-person look and talk to owner Jim Pfau about the color.

Then the cabinet was all blue, with the exception of the back, which Jim used to mix a few different colors while we were there.

I went back and forth between the blue on the left in the photo above, but finally settled on the one next to it. Husband said the color choice was all mine, but he admitted after I voiced my fave that it was his, too. Same for Jim, who gave me a lot good choices and only told me his preference after I said mine.  
Funny thing is, the bluish-green (or is it greenish-blue?) I settled on is actually the blue as a base with a dark stain rubbed over it and wiped off to create a sort-of distressed look. I also love the look of the brown tops on the bases of the upper and lower cabinets. It will be delivered as two pieces, which will make it easier to get in the house. At 86 inches tall, it’s quite the beauty, don’t ya think? I can’t wait to have it in my house!

2 thoughts on “2015_Day 210: Cabinet update – color changes

    1. Julie Riebe Post author

      Thanks Shannon! And you’re right. I can’t wait to get it home — every piece of furniture I get or refinish from here on out will be gotten/done with this new cabinet in mind.

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