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Early garden greens up backyard, spirits

The warm winter and spring here in central Texas has kept me busy the past 6 weeks. Yes, those are peas in my raised garden beds! I direct-seeded peas and lettuce on Jan. 31, during a warm spell in which the two-week forecast called for maybe one or two days of freezing temperatures. Because neither veggie seed was likely to sprout for 10 days, and the forecast after that called for above-normal temps, I decided it was worth the risk. Continue reading

2015_Day 79: Green a few days late but still welcome

´╗┐It might not be St. Patrick’s Day anymore, but the green had it going on today around Georgetown, Texas. Overnight, it seemed, trees broke out in green leaves and a number of fields and lawns looked like lush green carpet. Continue reading

2015_Day 56: Spring can start anytime now

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My poor lettuce! How can it be expected to grow when the temperatures have been struggling to reach the mid-30s during the day earlier this week, not to mention hitting the high 20s/low 30s at night? Continue reading

2015_Day 15: Anticipating the beauty of spring

Finally! A high temperature warmer than the 30s or 40s. It was a beautiful day to take a walk in the neighborhood (high was 59), and the prospect of 60s (maybe even 70) for the next six days had me looking at the landscape a bit differently. Continue reading