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2015_Day 298: A wellness update

If darn dog Chloe had her way, she’d be back to her old ways, sleeping on daughter’s bed, jumping up on the couch and running around the back yard, barking at the neighbor dogs out for their daily walks. Three and a half weeks after having surgery to alleviate a bulging disc in her spine, you’d be hard-pressed to notice anything wrong with her if it wasn’t for the strip of shaved hair on her back. Continue reading

2015_Day 288: Look Ma, no staples!

Fifteen days after having back surgery for a bulging disc, darn dog Chloe got her staples out today. All 13 of them. It’s hard to believe how much she has improved since then. She definitely seems like her old self, full of energy and raring to go. Continue reading

2015_Day 280: The tail, she wags!

Came home from work today to find darn dog Chloe able to wag her tail. She either hasn’t wanted or been able to since back surgery to relieve a bulging disc near her rear end/tail. But today, a week after she came home from the doggie hospital, she’s wagging it like crazy. Continue reading

2015_Day 274: It’s not her time

When our dog, whom I affectionately call darn dog Chloe, hurt her back almost two weeks ago, we thought a treatment of Prednisone and pain killers would have her feeling better in no time. It did when something similar happened a year ago. And everything seemed to be going fine. Several days after taking the steroids, she seemed a lot better. She was moving better, she was eating and drinking. She even jumped up on the bed one night when we weren’t watching. Then the weekend hit. Continue reading

2015_Day 4: Moving an adjustment for Chloe

Four months after we moved from Wisconsin to Texas, Chloe finally seems to be comfortable in her new home. (December 2014)

Four months after we moved from Wisconsin to Texas, Chloe finally seems to be comfortable in her new home. (December 2014)

This week will mark five years since we brought home Chloe, a beagle and Australian cattle dog mix who has become part of our family like I never thought possible. She came to us via our then-local shelter in Green Bay, Wis., who in turn got her from a shelter in Kentucky. I remember the day husband and daughter visited the shelter, unbeknownst to me until I got a phone call at work asking “Whatcha doing?” followed by a giddy “Guess where (daughter) and I are? At the shelter!” I shouldn’t have been surprised because a few days earlier I had mentioned to husband that I had a dream about him letting daughter get a dog. He was allergic to cats, and didn’t really want to get a dog either, until I suggested that a short-haired dog might be OK with his allergies. I didn’t think it would go anywhere, however, because daughter had been asking for a pet for years to no avail. Continue reading