2015_Day 288: Look Ma, no staples!

Fifteen days after having back surgery for a bulging disc, darn dog Chloe got her staples out today. All 13 of them. It’s hard to believe how much she has improved since then. She definitely seems like her old self, full of energy and raring to go.
Unfortunately, doc says she still has to take it easy for at least the next two weeks. That means she’s still restricted to just a small area of the house, and no jumping or climbing stairs. She also has to be on a leash when outside, although she can be taken on short walks.

All things considered, Chloe has been really good. There’s been very little whining at night, when she’s relegated to the small half bathroom next to our bedroom. No accidents either, unless you count knocking over her water bowl.

When she does go outside on a leash, she usually does her business and then trots back to the house. She does want to go outside every time she hears neighbor dogs bark, but I think she’s used to the fact that she can’t go out all the time. That doesn’t stop her from standing by the door and staring at whomever she thinks is most gullible and therefore most likely to take her out (usually me). I probably give in more than I should, but it’s hard to resist that cute face and wagging tail! And given all she’s been through, she deserves a little extra TLC, don’t you think?

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