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2015_Day 213: Crape myrtle flowering

A week after I noticed what looked like flower buds on my crape myrtle (I’ve never grown one before or seen its flowers up close), I was thrilled to actually see a few flowers this morning. I’m also pleased that the color lives up to its name — pink velour. Indeed, the color is a rich, almost velvety deep pink. Continue reading

2015_Day 84: Tomato plants, crape myrtle looking good

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A couple days after being transplanted from pots to the garden, my tomato plants are looking great. All seven plants look strong, with multiple flowers on the Early Girls and Better Boy. Continue reading

2015_Day 53: I see pink in my future

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I often look through gardening books and make the rounds at garden centers to see what’s available for my yard and garden. Then I come up with a list of what I think I want to plant, many times writing about it. But when it comes down to actually buying the plants, there usually are deviations from the list. So it should come as no surprise that my latest visit to the garden center yielded similar results. Continue reading