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Summer tomatoes a success


It was a good year for my tomatoes, even though I don’t have many photos to prove it. My raised beds (above) have been cleared of their remnants for a couple weeks now. But for several months before that, I was able to pick enough to eat daily, whether on salads, BLTs or just cut up in chunks and sprinkled with salt. I had a few issues with birds eating the tomatoes, but I avoided most of those problems by picking the fruit as soon as it started turning yellow. The leaf-footed bugs stayed away from the tomatoes, too, and while I had problems with slugs on the lettuce, they also ignored the tomatoes. Continue reading

2015_Day 361: It was nice while it lasted

I had to take a photo (above) of my blooming flower bed on Saturday in all its winter glory. I’m glad I did. The mercury dipped some 20 degrees in 15 minutes this morning, and with at- or below-freezing low temperatures predicted for at least the next week, the flowers’ beauty is probably short-lived. Continue reading

2015_Day 340: December weather heaven

I am really loving this warm stretch of weather we’ve been having in central Texas. Sunny and in the mid-60s, this weekend was perfect. I did a little Christmas shopping, cleaned up one of my flower beds and added more holiday decorations to the front of the house–all in short sleeves. Even darn dog Chloe enjoyed the warmth, basking in the sun and rolling in the grass. It was a fantastic weekend all around. Continue reading

2015_Day 295: Rain, snow…it’s all wet

While watching the weather tonight and texting with my sister about all the rain we’re supposed to get here in central Texas, I started thinking about snowstorms in Wisconsin the last few years we lived there. I thumbed through my old Facebook photos because I know I used to be somewhat obsessed with snow photos. Continue reading

2015_Day 223: We got rain today — hooray!

Yep, we actually got some rain today.

Yep, we actually got some rain today.

I was sitting in my rocker looking at pictures of our trip to Schlitterbahn Waterpark (more on that another day) when I heard this thunderous pounding. It couldn’t be, I told myself. The weather guy on the 5 o’clock news said showers had been popping up and viewers in a few areas, including Georgetown, might see some. But I didn’t really think it would happen. After more than a month without any rain, it seemed like the weather forecasters were putting a 10 percent chance in the forecast just to keep the viewers off their backs. Continue reading

2015_Day 174:  Pop-up clouds drop rain, beauty

The clouds were awesome AGAIN this evening in central Texas. I first noticed them while taking father-in-law to airport in Austin. I wanted to pull off on a side road to take photos, but opted to drop f-i-l off at the airport first. Many of them moved north by the time I got home, but I got a few good photos. Continue reading

2015_Day 167: Waiting on Bill

As a former journalist, I know there’s always a lot of buildup to big weather stories. In Wisconsin, it was snowstorms. The meteorologists would predict inch totals and tell motorists to stay iff the roads. On the news side, reporters and editors would plan stories on, well, how local governments, businesses and schools would plan for the bad weather. Many times for days in advance.  Continue reading

2015_Day 146: Drying out after the rain

 The dew was so thick this morning, I thought it almost looked like frost on the grass. If it was Wisconsin, that wouldn’t have surprised me. Fortunately, here in central Texas, the day started off in the upper 60s/lower 70s.

Even saw some sun today — and no rain, which helps everyone to dry out a bit. Only a 20 percent chance for rain tomorrow, too, so might see two dry days before a better chance of rain enters the forecast again daily — for the next week.

I know we’ll be missing it come July and August, right?