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2015_Day 220: I’ll take tax-free holiday

Daughter and I spent Friday evening shopping for school supplies and clothes. She has been working so much I’ve barely gotten a chance to see her, but she finally got a few days off and jumped at the chance to go shopping with me when I told her Friday was the start of a three-day, tax-free weekend — and I was buying. Continue reading

2015_Day 148:¬†Bluebonnets on my table every day

I know this is a few days late, but I just had to share my finds from the day of shopping last week on my birthday. Since husband had work and daughter school, I decided to go to Burnet, about 40 miles west of Georgetown, on the edge of Hill Country. Continue reading

2015:_Day 59:¬†Freezing rain, shopping and the DMV

Waiting in line with daughter to check out at the always popular Ikea.

Waiting in line with daughter to check out at the always popular Ikea.

It’s hard to think about Spring and gardening when you look out your window and see freezing rain and a coating of ice on everything. So I didn’t. Continue reading

2015_Day 17: Clothes shopping not the trip it used to be

There was a time when I used to love going shopping for clothes. I could spend hours in stores, looking and trying things on. It didn’t even matter if I wasn’t planning on buying anything (many times I didn’t); in fact, sometimes window shopping was the best. No expectations, hence no disappointments if I didn’t find anything I liked. Continue reading