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2015_Day 348: A grackle tree

Did you know grackles grow on trees? At least it seemed that way in the parking lot of a local store tonight. There was quite a bit of traffic, but I was amazed at how long they remained perched on the trees. Then something would spook them and they’d fly up and around for a minute, only to reclaim their place on the branches. Continue reading

2015_Day 324: The birds, they are LOUD

Someday, the grackles will rule the world. They have already taken over numerous parking lots, happy to congegate near grocery stores and fast food places. Really anywhere there is trash for food and power lines and/or trees on which to perch. Continue reading

2015_Day 185: Fight against birds goes on

I hate to jinx it, but I think I might slowly be gaining ground in my fight against the birds pecking at my tomatoes. I’ve only seen one bird in the netting since I put it up almost a week ago. I have seen birds on the backyard fence, and there are a few tomatoes near the area that’s easiest for them to get to, but they do appear to be leaving the others alone. Continue reading

2015_Day 181: Rain, the birds and pretty flowers 

Just two days after our area of central Texas got 3.2 inches of rain, we got dumped on again. This time it was only 1.5 inches, but the night is young and the skies are still threatening to open up. The raised beds and the flower pots continue to fill up.

While I was out between downpours checking the rain gauge, I was disappointed to see a mockingbird fly out from beneath the netting around my tomatoes. Darn birds! #%@&

Another blogger suggested I try a birdbath to keep then away from my tomatoes. I must admit I’ve read about that as a solution, too. That they’re just looking for water. Although given the bird had access to several natural birdbaths (refer to photo at top of this post) and still was found beneath the tomato netting, I have my doubts. Again, darn birds!

One thing I’ve neglected to write about the past few days is that my gazanias are finally starting to flower. And oh, how cute they are. I was surprised to find out though, that their flowers apparently close at night. Realized that this morning when I took a quick stroll around the yard before work and saw one of the buds curled up. By the time I got home from work today, it was open again. Being so pretty must take a lot out of them so they have to rest at night, yes? As long as they bloom during the day, I don’t really care! 


2015_Day 179: This gardening interruption brought to you by Mother Nature

I was wrong to think these storm clouds would roll on through with little rain to show from them.

I was wrong to think these storm clouds would roll on through with little rain to show from them.

Oh, I had such grand plans for this fine Sunday. Well, I had plans anyway. Get my inside work done during the hottest part of the day, and when it started to get cooler, head outside to get some gardening in. I had devised a plan to try to keep the birds away from my tomatoes, and I was going to take action. Continue reading