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Early garden greens up backyard, spirits

The warm winter and spring here in central Texas has kept me busy the past 6 weeks. Yes, those are peas in my raised garden beds! I direct-seeded peas and lettuce on Jan. 31, during a warm spell in which the two-week forecast called for maybe one or two days of freezing temperatures. Because neither veggie seed was likely to sprout for 10 days, and the forecast after that called for above-normal temps, I decided it was worth the risk. Continue reading

2015_Day 357: When life gives you lemons…make tacos!

This story is just too good not to pass along. Seems like a burglary of a taco place in Las Vegas was videotaped. In my previous life as a news website editor, we got our share of footage from police agencies showing crimes in progress. The hope, of course, was that enlisting the public’s help would aid in catching the bad guys. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But I digress. Continue reading

2015_Day 351:┬áPink Champagne Ruby Grass

One of the new plants I tried this year was Pink Champagne Ruby Grass. I bought two 1-quart containers fairly early in the spring and planted one each in the center of the two big planters on my back porch. The grass was really easy to take care of, and stayed green into November. Continue reading

2015_Day 348: A grackle tree

Did you know grackles grow on trees? At least it seemed that way in the parking lot of a local store tonight. There was quite a bit of traffic, but I was amazed at how long they remained perched on the trees. Then something would spook them and they’d fly up and around for a minute, only to reclaim their place on the branches. Continue reading

2015_Day 345: Goodbye Friday, hello weekend

Okay, so I couldn’t write a fifth consecutive blog title full of alliteration. I tried, but I just couldn’t find the “f” word that described my Friday accurately. Yeah, I know there’s that “f” word, but that wasn’t quite right. Not that it wouldn’t have described at least a good portion of my day. Just not all. Continue reading

2015_Day 341: Monday madness

Every day, it seems another moronic comment comes from the mouth of Donald Trump. First he wants to build a wall to keep out all the Mexicans. Today he wants to ban all Muslims from traveling to U.S. Tomorrow, who knows? But if you’re not white, it could be you. Or at least that’s the way it seems to me and plenty others. At first, I thought his candidacy was a joke and he wouldn’t last a month. I still think it’s a joke, but it’s getting kind of scary (disappointing, disheartening) now to see he seems to have so much support. If he gets the Republican nomination and goes on to win the White House (how appropriate, right?), this country deserves what happens to it. How can anyone think a Trump presidency would be positive for America? The best Christmas present any of us could hope for would be for Donald Trump to go away. Far, far away. We need to start working toward peace on earth. Let it begin with you, Mr. Trump.

2015_Day 324: The birds, they are LOUD

Someday, the grackles will rule the world. They have already taken over numerous parking lots, happy to congegate near grocery stores and fast food places. Really anywhere there is trash for food and power lines and/or trees on which to perch. Continue reading