2015_Day 357: When life gives you lemons…make tacos!

This story is just too good not to pass along. Seems like a burglary of a taco place in Las Vegas was videotaped. In my previous life as a news website editor, we got our share of footage from police agencies showing crimes in progress. The hope, of course, was that enlisting the public’s help would aid in catching the bad guys. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But I digress.

Because the real story in the case of the Vegas would-be taco thieves is that of the restaurant’s general manager, who took it upon himself to create a video using the footage to promote his establishment. What better way to drum up business than by making fun of the burglars.

“In the video, he overlaid text throughout the surveillance footage describing how desperately the intruders want a taco, as the thieves are seen searching the place,” the story states.

“After the robbers flee the scene of the crime, the video cuts away to mouthwatering close-up shots of tacos topped with grilled meats, fresh herbs and guacamole, and a disclaimer from the restaurant stating it takes responsibility for the fact that its tacos may cause people to do unexpected things.”

Of course, the video also shows close-ups of the thieves, along with a police phone number for you to call if you recognize the trio.

It hasn’t led to any arrests yet, but it has meant increased business for the restaurant. Brilliant, don’t you think? Road trip anyone?

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