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2015_Day 307: Today wasn’t Wednesday?

Yikes! I was writing the title for this post when it hit me. “Today isn’t Wednesday, is it?” I asked daughter. “Nope,” she answered, unaware that I was really serious. Had I really gone through the entire day acting as though it were Wednesday? Continue reading

2015_Day 305: Rain good for seed sprouting

A couple weeks ago, I vaguely recall spreading zinnia seeds left from dried zinnias in my flower beds in the raised beds by my fall tomatoes and pumpkins. And with all the rain that’s fallen in the past 10 days, a bunch of them are now sprouting. Continue reading

2015_Day 216: Seeds sprouting

While I didn’t expect to see zinnia seeds sprouting after just 2 1/2 days, I am pleased to see a number of them popping up in my flower beds. I’m giving some credit to the layer of leaves and dried-up flower stems I covered the dirt with after planting. That homemade mulch, along with regular watering and this Texas heat could just be key to a bumper late-summer/early fall flower crop.