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2015_Day 119: It’s all about the dirt

I finally got the chance to watch “DIRT! The Movie,” the DVD I won in a recent (well, kind of) giveaway by DirtNKids blogger and fellow gardener Shannon. Continue reading


2015_Day 76: Dirt Day gone, garden glee just around the corner

Found a couple pots to go next to the flower bed.

Found a couple pots to go next to the flower bed.

My raised beds are full of soil and ready for planting. But that might have to wait a few days because there is rain the forecast tonight, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Continue reading

2015_Day 75: Dirt, dirt and more dirt

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D(irt) Day arrived today and it was delivered right on time. I had about 3 hours after work and before it got too dark to put the weed fabric down and start filling the raised beds with beautiful soil made up of 40 percent compost, 40 percent loam, 10 percent bank sand and 10 percent granite sand. Wishful thinking had me confident I’d get it all done. Didn’t quite work out that way. Continue reading

2015_Day 74: Adding curb appeal exhausting but rewarding

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I can’t believe how exhausted I am after the first spring weekend of gardening for me in Texas. Not everything is done – far from it – but I think I really got a good start on my vegetable and flower beds (Saturday). Today’s task was planting the shrubs I bought several weeks ago to go on the long side of our house that faces the street. Continue reading