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2015_Day 74: Adding curb appeal exhausting but rewarding

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I can’t believe how exhausted I am after the first spring weekend of gardening for me in Texas. Not everything is done – far from it – but I think I really got a good start on my vegetable and flower beds (Saturday). Today’s task was planting the shrubs I bought several weeks ago to go on the long side of our house that faces the street. Continue reading

2015_Day 53: I see pink in my future

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I often look through gardening books and make the rounds at garden centers to see what’s available for my yard and garden. Then I come up with a list of what I think I want to plant, many times writing about it. But when it comes down to actually buying the plants, there usually are deviations from the list. So it should come as no surprise that my latest visit to the garden center yielded similar results. Continue reading

2015_Day 32: Why are there so many crape myrtle varieties?

A pink velour crape myrtle tree. From thetreecenter.com

A Pink Velour crape myrtle. From thetreecenter.com

One of the first trees I noticed when we came to Texas was the lovely, flowering crape myrtles. Especially the ones with deep red- or pink-colored flowers. “I definitely want to plant one of those in my yard,” I remember thinking. Continue reading