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I’m finally a country girl again

Yep, four months ago, we moved into what I affectionately call #countryhouse, a 20-year-old ranch home on 5 beautiful acres in central Texas. For most of the time since moving to Texas in August of 2014, we lived in a new house in a new subdivision. The house was OK, the lot was teeny-tiny. Picture standing between your house and your neighbor’s and being able to touch both houses with your arms stretched out. Well, maybe not that close, but you get the idea. I hated the closeness.

Enough about the old house. Continue reading

2015_Day 284: Love, miss glorious autumn colors

This post, found on Leaf and Twig, was a great visual for me on a Sunday afternoon when the mercury hit unseasonably high temperatures. The app on my phone said it hit 100, and while I think that may have been a slight exaggeration, it still was in the 90s, well above the average high temperature for this time of year. Continue reading

2015_Day 62: Tree starting to get a few buds

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The one tree in our front yard that didn’t keep leaves on it all winter now has a few buds. Not a lot, but it’s starting. I have seen other trees in the area that are already blossming, but I’m kind of glad ours isn’t. Continue reading

2015_Day 32: Why are there so many crape myrtle varieties?

A pink velour crape myrtle tree. From thetreecenter.com

A Pink Velour crape myrtle. From thetreecenter.com

One of the first trees I noticed when we came to Texas was the lovely, flowering crape myrtles. Especially the ones with deep red- or pink-colored flowers. “I definitely want to plant one of those in my yard,” I remember thinking. Continue reading