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2015_Day 309: The clouds after the storm

Okay, so it wasn’t much of a storm. Central Texas has had its share of rainy, stormy weather lately, but aside from some light rain Thursday morning, this storm wasn’t. Which is fine because we’ve had enough flooding to last awhile. Continue reading

2015_Day 305: Rain good for seed sprouting

A couple weeks ago, I vaguely recall spreading zinnia seeds left from dried zinnias in my flower beds in the raised beds by my fall tomatoes and pumpkins. And with all the rain that’s fallen in the past 10 days, a bunch of them are now sprouting. Continue reading

2015_Day 303: Rain is unbelievable

The rain, it’s just not letting up across central Texas. We are fortunate to say we only got about 4.5 inches today, a far cry from the 8-14 inches that fell less than an hour from here, closed the interstate, forced many evacuations just down the road in Austin and is responsible for at least one death and possibly several others. Continue reading

2015_Day 297: Bye, bye Patricia

I think the worst of Hurricane Patricia remnants is over and fortunately, it wasn’t too bad for us in central Texas. It really didn’t start raining hard until late last night/early this morning. I woke up when I heard thunder and lightning, followed by pouring rain. Continue reading

2015_Day 295: Rain, snow…it’s all wet

While watching the weather tonight and texting with my sister about all the rain we’re supposed to get here in central Texas, I started thinking about snowstorms in Wisconsin the last few years we lived there. I thumbed through my old Facebook photos because I know I used to be somewhat obsessed with snow photos. Continue reading

2015_Day 261: Early summer rain did in onion crop

My onion harvest on Sept. 18, 2011.

My onion harvest on Sept. 18, 2011.

I was looking at the memories section of my Facebook page today and was reminded of the beautiful crop of onions I harvested from my garden in 2011. They were white onions and they were big and flavorful. If I remember correctly, they lasted into December and provided an added seasoning for many meals. Continue reading

2015_Day 258: My (seemingly) weekly post of clouds

The clouds provided a most delightful drive home today. Low, high, dark, light, puffballs, wispy, they were all in prime form. The drops on my windshield didn’t get to be much more than that (there was a fair amount of blue sky among the clouds), although in some of the photos I took it looks like it was pouring somewhere. Continue reading

2015_Day 252: Waiting on the rain

The potential for rain was promising, especially after hearing before work today that the Dallas area had gotten several inches. And it was headed our way. But, as it many times does, clouds that seemed like they could, would even, open up and delight us with a refreshing shower or three, didn’t. Not a drop. Continue reading

2015_Day 223: We got rain today — hooray!

Yep, we actually got some rain today.

Yep, we actually got some rain today.

I was sitting in my rocker looking at pictures of our trip to Schlitterbahn Waterpark (more on that another day) when I heard this thunderous pounding. It couldn’t be, I told myself. The weather guy on the 5 o’clock news said showers had been popping up and viewers in a few areas, including Georgetown, might see some. But I didn’t really think it would happen. After more than a month without any rain, it seemed like the weather forecasters were putting a 10 percent chance in the forecast just to keep the viewers off their backs. Continue reading

2015_Day 182: Dirt dries out quickly 

What a difference a day makes. Even after almost 5 inches of rain in the last 72 hours, a walk around the raised beds tonight showed dry dirt. I’m still getting used to how fast the Texas heat dries dirt out, even when the humidity is pretty high (70 percent today). Continue reading