2015_Day 182: Dirt dries out quickly 

What a difference a day makes. Even after almost 5 inches of rain in the last 72 hours, a walk around the raised beds tonight showed dry dirt. I’m still getting used to how fast the Texas heat dries dirt out, even when the humidity is pretty high (70 percent today).

And it wasn’t even all that hot today. It was only 82 at 6 p.m., a far cry from the normal high temp of 95. And believe me, 82 is a lot cooler than 95, even at 70 percent humidity.

The following photo was taken this morning and you can see the dirt looks a bit wetter than the top photo, which was taken tonight. Of course, this pot is still wet from last night’s soaking. I’m afraid the petunias are suffering from it, too. Maybe I’ll leave it out in the sun tomorrow. (It actually got this full of rain under a covered patio, the sheets of rain were almost vertical!)

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