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2015_Day 300:┬áTurning the corner with pumpkins

So, it appears at least two of my pumpkins have survived their battle with the squash vine borer. I say appears because I won’t totally believe it until the pumpkins are orange and decorating my front steps. But really, it’s been about 6 weeks since the vine borer first reared its ugly head. Since then, I’ve lost at least a half dozen tiny pumpkins. Continue reading

2015_Day 289: Another pumpkin bites the dust

Each day, it seems, another little pumpkin seems to curl up and die on the vine. I’m afraid the squash vine borer that attacked the plant in mid-September is to blame. I can’t think of any other reason why so many tiny pumpkins would form, only to wither on the vine before reaching their potential. Continue reading