2015_Day 300: Turning the corner with pumpkins

So, it appears at least two of my pumpkins have survived their battle with the squash vine borer. I say appears because I won’t totally believe it until the pumpkins are orange and decorating my front steps. But really, it’s been about 6 weeks since the vine borer first reared its ugly head. Since then, I’ve lost at least a half dozen tiny pumpkins.

Like the one to the far left of the pumpkin in the photo above, they have shriveled up, withering on the vine. But for some reason, two others have kept growing and actually look like they’re going to make it. 

I may have fall pumpkins after all!

3 thoughts on “2015_Day 300: Turning the corner with pumpkins

  1. Fidgety Butterfly

    That looks like a lovely healthy pumpkin. Unfortunately, I had to put my biggest pumpkin out a few days ago – less than a week before Hallowe’en! – because it had started to shrivel and go soft. I didn’t want to pick it so early but the plant was dying, so I’d been keeping the pumpkin in the fridge and it lasted for several weeks. I hope your pumpkin will turn a gorgeous orange and proudly adorn your front steps soon. 🙂

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    1. Julie Riebe Post author

      It’s a bummer when pumpkins go bad before Halloween. I figured I’d try fall pumpkins because it might be too hot here in September and October for them to stay nice and orange long enough. So I bought pumpkins for Halloween and hope I’ll have my own for Thanksgiving!

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      1. Fidgety Butterfly

        Apparently, it has been a bad year for pumpkins here (England) due to a wet August. But I grew mine in the greenhouse so I think the problem is something else, and I can think of a few possibilities! 😀 Oh well, better luck next time. I hope yours will be ready for Thanksgiving. I would think that will give them a good period of time in which to turn to a perfect orange. 🙂

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