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Summer tomatoes a success


It was a good year for my tomatoes, even though I don’t have many photos to prove it. My raised beds (above) have been cleared of their remnants for a couple weeks now. But for several months before that, I was able to pick enough to eat daily, whether on salads, BLTs or just cut up in chunks and sprinkled with salt. I had a few issues with birds eating the tomatoes, but I avoided most of those problems by picking the fruit as soon as it started turning yellow. The leaf-footed bugs stayed away from the tomatoes, too, and while I had problems with slugs on the lettuce, they also ignored the tomatoes. Continue reading

Gardening in central Texas still a challenge

Now in my second season of gardening in central Texas, the adjustment continues for me and my little patch. The weather and the bugs (not necessarily in that order) are the biggest contributors to my frustrations, although admittedly, those levels are lower than last summer. Continue reading

Oh my gosh do I have tomato plants!

Two months ago, I transplanted a few tomatoes I had started from seed in the house in late January. For good measure, I tossed a few more seeds in the dirt from the open packets. Why not, I thought. The extra seeds would just get thrown away at the end of the summer anyway, right? Continue reading

2015_Day 323: The greenhouse question

I’m thinking of digging out my small greenhouse to see if I can save these tomato plants from impending doom. I haven’t decided whether I have the gumption to set it up around/over the raised bed and anchor it to the ground. Because if I don’t, it won’t take but a day or so for it to find a new home in the neighbor’s yard. Continue reading

2015_Day 311: And then there were tomatoes

It’s the third consecutive Saturday that we’ve had rain. And the last few days have been on the cool side. So I didn’t expect much when I looked at the garden today. I certainly didn’t expect to see two several-inches-high tomatoes growing in the same raised bed that pumpkin Cosmo has taken over. Continue reading

2015_Day 292: Adios pepper plant, move over tomatoes

My pepper plant may have been loyal, but it finally had to go to make room for the pumpkin plants. I had been training the vines in circles around the two far left raised beds, but the 8 feet just wasn’t enough for them. Wanda, the longer vine, had already grown through the cage holding up the pepper plant. So it was adios, see ya, dasvidanya for the peppers. Continue reading

2015_Day 287: Tomatoes growing – so far

Ten days ago, I planted tomatoes I bought at the local HEB grocery store. So far, they appear to be doing well. They’re growing. Two of the three each had one tomato when I bought them. The third has caught up and now has two tomatoes. Continue reading

2015_Day 276: When one plant dies, buy another

Given that my experiment to grow fall tomatoes from seed failed, I checked out tomato plants today while shopping. At the grocery store. I think I tried plants from HEB (a popular Texas grocer) last fall, but I planted those in planters on my patio. Today’s beauties, however, were destined for the raised beds, which were only an idea in my head last fall. Continue reading