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2015_Day 292: Adios pepper plant, move over tomatoes

My pepper plant may have been loyal, but it finally had to go to make room for the pumpkin plants. I had been training the vines in circles around the two far left raised beds, but the 8 feet just wasn’t enough for them. Wanda, the longer vine, had already grown through the cage holding up the pepper plant. So it was adios, see ya, dasvidanya for the peppers. Continue reading


2015_Day 287: Tomatoes growing – so far

Ten days ago, I planted tomatoes I bought at the local HEB grocery store. So far, they appear to be doing well. They’re growing. Two of the three each had one tomato when I bought them. The third has caught up and now has two tomatoes. Continue reading

2015_Day 276: When one plant dies, buy another

Given that my experiment to grow fall tomatoes from seed failed, I checked out tomato plants today while shopping. At the grocery store. I think I tried plants from HEB (a popular Texas grocer) last fall, but I planted those in planters on my patio. Today’s beauties, however, were destined for the raised beds, which were only an idea in my head last fall. Continue reading

2015_Day 259: Tomatoes finally transplanted 

I don’t know whether they’ll grow, but I finally got my fall tomatoes transplanted into the raised bed. There are three of the bigger variety, and those seem to have the best chance to grow. There are also three cherry tomato plants, but those were pretty much just stems when I moved them from pots to the raised bed. Continue reading

2015_Day 238: Two tomatoes better than none

It’s a week after one of my downtrodden tomato transplants looked like it was getting its second wind, and guess what? Now there’s a second tomato plant that looks like it might be coming around, too! It would be wonderful if both keep growing, especially since one is a cherry and the other a big-tomato variety. Continue reading