2015_Day 233: Friday flashback to tomatoes, sunflowers

imageYou know why I talk about tomatoes so much? It’s because I love them a lot and in previous gardens, I’ve always been able to grow a lot of them. So when I came across this photo I posted on Facebook a couple years ago, I knew I had to share it. It was on this day in 2013 that I posted it, giddy that I was finally getting pails full of tomatoes in one picking.

Fast forward to 2015. Living in Texas now, the tomato season is pretty much over, rather than just getting in full swing. Yes, I’m trying to grow more tomatoes for a fall crop, but it remains to be seen whether that will actually happen.

Gardens are all getting a bit spent here given a couple weeks of 100-degree temperatures, so I’m glad I have photos of previous Wisconsin gardens to keep me going. I also found a photo of giant sunflowers I grew in 2013. They had to be 12-15 feet tall, so e probably taller. Their heads grew toward the east and it was like they came to attention when the sun rose. They were lovely.


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