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2015_Day 309: The clouds after the storm

Okay, so it wasn’t much of a storm. Central Texas has had its share of rainy, stormy weather lately, but aside from some light rain Thursday morning, this storm wasn’t. Which is fine because we’ve had enough flooding to last awhile. Continue reading

2015_Day 296: Storm anticipation

The clouds look so cool in black and white, don’t you agree? And while the weather forecasters can’t decide whether we’ll get 4 inches or 12, the sun decided to shine between the rain. No you can’t see it in the photo, but it’s there. Continue reading

2015_Day 258: My (seemingly) weekly post of clouds

The clouds provided a most delightful drive home today. Low, high, dark, light, puffballs, wispy, they were all in prime form. The drops on my windshield didn’t get to be much more than that (there was a fair amount of blue sky among the clouds), although in some of the photos I took it looks like it was pouring somewhere. Continue reading

2015_Day 244: Cloud-gazing again

The clouds have returned to central Texas, much to my delight. A change in weather patterns — they say El Nino is finally creeing nearer — has meant a few days the last couple weeks with clouds that look menacing and beautiful at the same time. Continue reading

2015_Day 174:  Pop-up clouds drop rain, beauty

The clouds were awesome AGAIN this evening in central Texas. I first noticed them while taking father-in-law to airport in Austin. I wanted to pull off on a side road to take photos, but opted to drop f-i-l off at the airport first. Many of them moved north by the time I got home, but I got a few good photos. Continue reading

2015_Day 124: Flying high with the clouds

If you like photos of clouds, this post is for you. I flew from Austin to Chicago with a co-worker for work today, and offered to switch seats with her so she could have an aisle seat. Little did she know I love window seats because I love looking at clouds. Continue reading

2015_Day 106: Beautiful, stormy clouds, but where’s the rain?

Thursday, April 16. Hoping for some rain from these clouds, but only a few sprinkles.

Thursday, April 16. Hoping for some rain from these clouds, but only a few sprinkles.

Mother Nature keeps tempting us. There was a promise of rain today in central Texas, and some areas did indeed get some. But, alas, by our house in Georgetown, we saw only sprinkles. Continue reading