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Summer tomatoes a success


It was a good year for my tomatoes, even though I don’t have many photos to prove it. My raised beds (above) have been cleared of their remnants for a couple weeks now. But for several months before that, I was able to pick enough to eat daily, whether on salads, BLTs or just cut up in chunks and sprinkled with salt. I had a few issues with birds eating the tomatoes, but I avoided most of those problems by picking the fruit as soon as it started turning yellow. The leaf-footed bugs stayed away from the tomatoes, too, and while I had problems with slugs on the lettuce, they also ignored the tomatoes. Continue reading

2015_Day 356: December gold

Last night’s sunset was unbelieveable and one that I thought might just be the most beautiful one yet since we moved to central Texas 15 months ago. Then this morning I just happened to look at the “On This Day” feature on my Facebook page and saw the beaut that graces the top of this post. Continue reading

2015_Day 343: Wednesday’s winner

The sunsets of late have been gorgeous but hard to photograph because they seem to happen on my way home from work. Luck was on my side tonight, as the sun seemed to hold out longer than usual, and the sky still was beautiful when I got home from work. This one (above) was taken from our back yard. No filter needed. This one definitely was a winner. Continue reading

2015_Day 309: The clouds after the storm

Okay, so it wasn’t much of a storm. Central Texas has had its share of rainy, stormy weather lately, but aside from some light rain Thursday morning, this storm wasn’t. Which is fine because we’ve had enough flooding to last awhile. Continue reading