2015_Day 356: December gold

Last night’s sunset was unbelieveable and one that I thought might just be the most beautiful one yet since we moved to central Texas 15 months ago. Then this morning I just happened to look at the “On This Day” feature on my Facebook page and saw the beaut that graces the top of this post.

I feel badly and am mildly annoyed that I don’t remember the gorgeous sunset. I do remember that it was unseasonably warm (I was able to stain our fence in the almost-70-degree weather). Maybe the warmth has some effect on sunsets? It’s been in the upper 70s the last few days, a little warmer than last year.

The photo below is last night’s real sunset, somewhere near Bertram, Texas. It’s a pretty good representation of the sunset I saw in Georgetown, too. There’s gold in them thar clouds, I say. December gold. And we’re all richer for it.

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