2015_Day 355: Just add ice (cubes)

Have you ever watered a plant with ice cubes — on purpose? I haven’t until this weekend, when I watered my newest addition, an anthurium. It’s a beautiful, inexpensive plant that’s perfect for Christmas.
I love the red and yellow flowers that pop out of the bold green leaves. And when I bought it, I peeked at the instruction card that came with it, but I didn’t really look at it til it was time to water it.
Sure enough, it says to water with 6 ice cubes a week. Combined with keeping it in a well-lit location (just not a lot of direct sunlight), it seems like a relatively easy plant to take care of.
I can’t wait to see how long the flowers last. I hope it’s awhile because the bright colors will be nice in the middle of winter.

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