2015_Day 343: Wednesday’s winner

The sunsets of late have been gorgeous but hard to photograph because they seem to happen on my way home from work. Luck was on my side tonight, as the sun seemed to hold out longer than usual, and the sky still was beautiful when I got home from work. This one (above) was taken from our back yard. No filter needed. This one definitely was a winner.

Sometimes I’m able to stick my camera out the window at a stoplight (photo below), but rarely is the stoplight where you need it to be to capture a good photo.
Although the best sunset photos (or sunrise ones, for that matter) don’t need a filter, I do occasionally use one. I think I used either the Lo-Fi or X-Pro-II filter on Instagram for the sunset below. The vignette edges make the photo pop, but didn’t change the actual sunset a whole lot.If I could take a sunset photo every night, I would. How about you? 

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