2015_Day 344: Throwback Thursday

Over the weekend, husband put together a garden shed we bought on Black Friday. We’ve been in serious need of something to house my garden tools, pots, bags of dirt, etc. My last garden shed–I called it a shack–was unique, if nothing else. It’s original use was as a working observatory, and we were told the top of the silo-like shed actually turned and the previous owners used a telescope to view the night sky.

We had no desire to do that (the roof was in pretty sad shape), but I did need a place for my tiller and everything else I used in my 30-by-40-foot garden. Hence the garden shack. For all its roof issues and the time husband spent trying to fix them, I have to admit I miss the garden shack.

The newly purchased shed is a far cry in terms of uniqueness. But Rubbermaid does serve its purpose and I’ll just have to be happy that I can move most of my gardening equipment out of the garage and off the back patio.
And in the spirit of “throwback Thursdays,” I’m devoting the rest of this post to my garden shack of old. Thanks for the memories!

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