2015_Day 218: Heat won’t stop pumpkins, zinnias

While the hope of fall tomatoes seems to be edging closer to a nightmare, I’m really happy that the zinnias and pumpkins are faring well.

The tomato plants, which are still in pots, are all turning brown despite plenty of water during this August hot streak. The pumpkins, on the other hand, seem to be getting stronger every day. I transplanted them directly into one of the raised beds, which may be the reason they’re doing better. 
I had hoped to wait to transplant the tomatoes into the raised bed until the current tomato plants were done. That time is getting close, but new little green tomatoes keep popping up, so I’m hesitant to pull them. Can’t stand the thought of throwing away potential tomatoes!
The zinnias I planted also are doing terrific, with more little green seeds sprouting every day. It looks like I should have plenty of color this fall!


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