2015_Day 259: Tomatoes finally transplanted 

I don’t know whether they’ll grow, but I finally got my fall tomatoes transplanted into the raised bed. There are three of the bigger variety, and those seem to have the best chance to grow. There are also three cherry tomato plants, but those were pretty much just stems when I moved them from pots to the raised bed.

First I had to remove the old cherry plants, along with the string netting and cages that held them up and attempted to keep out the birds, who bothered the cherry tomatoes much less than the big ones.

I’ll give them a couple weeks to see how they do; I don’t have plans to plant any other vegetables this fall, so it’s not like something else is waiting to go in the ground. 

You can also see a few lettuce plants at the back of the below photo. They’re from lettuce I had planted in pellets back in July. Maybe I’ll get a few salads out of them yet.

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