2015_Day 262: Thank you flowers

So much for a fall tomato crop — at least any that were grown from seed. A week after I transplanted them from pots into the garden, they are looking pretty sad.

You can see the best-looking one in the photo below. No, it’s not like bright green weed at right. Pretty pathetic, right? It’s days like this that I’m really thankful for my flowers. The zinnias I planted from seed are just starting to flower (photo above). I think it’s cute how tiny the flowers are on them. Not sure if that’s because I planted so many in the raised bed or the seed had just been taken off dried flowers a month or so before being planted. I did plant some mini-zinnias earlier this summer, but I didn’t think I saved that much seed.

I had intended to thin out the flowers and put some in other places, but I’ve been trying to spend as little time as possible in the sun since the rash hit me almost seven weeks ago (more on that another time).

If I have time and can find a coolish day, I might try to do some thinning yet. Either way, the flowers are enjoyable to look at. Because they never seem to give up on me. Unlike the tomatoes.

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