2015_Day 263: Crape myrtle still flowering 

“Hey, I see your bush is finally blooming,” husband said this weekend after cutting the grass. “Bush?” I asked him. “You mean the crape myrtle in the back yard? It’s had flowers on it off and on for a month now.”

“Oh,” he said apologetically. “I didn’t see any until today.” That’s par for the course when it comes to husband noticing anything in the garden. Of course, he does notice the stupid grass that’s growing through the mulch around the crape myrtle and trees in the front yard. Notices it enough to say, “Hey, we need to pull out the mulch and put in rocks. And we need to put in bricks or some kind of border so I don’t keep kicking up mulch out of the lawnmower.” 

By we, he means he wants me to pick out some type of border for around the trees. Which I’ll probably do and then it will sit in the garage for a month before we (and I really mean we) get around to doing it

So, ask me in a month — no make that two months — how that project is going. One thing’s for sure, I bet there won’t be anymore crape myrtle blooms left!

4 thoughts on “2015_Day 263: Crape myrtle still flowering 

  1. atkokosplace

    That would be me taking care of that at my place, but to be fair I do all the landscaping. I tell ya, it’s getting harder and harder. I’ve taken care of it for too long and sometimes I think I need a smaller place. I am excited for spring, but know more mowing will be needed. Mowing is the easy part really. I push the lawnmower for about an acre and then riding mower for the other. It’s the in between that is time consuming and back breaking. When I plant trees, I will lay cardboard/newspaper around the tree and then lay a heavy ring of grass clippings and then mulch. No weeds pass through. And I can easily mow around that. I’ve had to come up with tricks as I want less work. I hope you find something you like to go around your crape myrtle. I love the blooms! I’d like to replace the ones already in the property with disease resistant kind. The type i have grow a white mold and every year I have to spray them with baking soda soap mixture. Otherwise the leaves shrivel up and look awful. No fun!

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  2. Shannon

    Does hubs do the mowing? To make my mowing easier, I leave the mulch (I bring it out to 4-6 feet diameter) but outside that is a border of 6 inches of SOIL. Any grass invasion is easily managed with the lawn mower without tossing mulch into the blades. I only weed-whip my proper every 4-5 mows, so it works pretty well keeping things tidy but not maintenance intensive.

    My crepes think it’s spring! All the old leaves fell off and there’s new green and blossoms. So weird given everything else is shedding leaves.

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