2015_Day 292: Adios pepper plant, move over tomatoes

My pepper plant may have been loyal, but it finally had to go to make room for the pumpkin plants. I had been training the vines in circles around the two far left raised beds, but the 8 feet just wasn’t enough for them. Wanda, the longer vine, had already grown through the cage holding up the pepper plant. So it was adios, see ya, dasvidanya for the peppers.
While I was at it (the weather was a beautiful 77 degrees after work), I decided to move the three tomato plants to the raised bed section on the far end of the garden. Hopefully they’ll do okay being transplanted — I was able to move some of the eggshells that remained beneath the tomato plants’ roots.I bet it won’t be long before Wanda and Cosmo take over three of the four raised beds that make up the garden.Frankly, as long as the tiny pumpkins keep getting bigger (be gone evil vine borer!), they can go into any of the beds they want. I might even be okay with them taking over the yard between the garden and the fence. Grow, pumpkins, grow!

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