2015_Day 293: Class rings, letter jackets and (gasp) colleges

It’s only two months into daughter’s junior year, and it’s quickly becoming the most exciting year for her. She wasn’t but a week or so into the school year when she brought home an order form for a letter jacket. She surprised me when she said she wanted one because I always thought she considered them silly.

But no problem. Her dad and I both had them, so why shouldn’t she? A month into the school year, she brought home the pamphlet for a class ring. She even asked for my opinion on styles, for which there are so many more than there were when I was in high school. The fact that I was paying for the ring had nothing to do it, I’m sure.

The most exciting so far for her, though, has to be college night, which happened just last night. She went with dad, who actually had a weeknight off, and rarely gets to go to school events. I figured it was a nice change of pace for her, so I stayed home with darn dog Chloe, who’s still restricted in her activities.

Daughter came home with armful of pamphlets and immediately started sorting them out. An early favorite, Angelo State University, was at the top of the pile. Her goal is to play soccer in college, and hopefully get a combination of athletic and academic scholarships to help defer the cost. A lofty goal, I know, but the girl also wants to be a psychiatrist, so I think she understands she’s got her work cut out for herself. And frankly, with so many juniors – and even seniors – not even thinking about what  they want to do after high school, I certainly am not going to tell her she can’t do it.

I was the first of six siblings to graduate from college, so I understand the challenges. And I’m not going to do anything to dampen her enthusiasm. Which means I’ll have to refrain from telling her certain colleges are too far away. (I want to be able to see her sometimes, right?)

Of course, I will be happy wherever she chooses to go as long as it’s the right fit for her. And I have to start letting go sometime, so I should probably start getting used to it. But just in case, maybe I should start saving vacation days.

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