2015_Day 311: And then there were tomatoes

It’s the third consecutive Saturday that we’ve had rain. And the last few days have been on the cool side. So I didn’t expect much when I looked at the garden today. I certainly didn’t expect to see two several-inches-high tomatoes growing in the same raised bed that pumpkin Cosmo has taken over.

At first I thought they were probably two of the three tomatoes I started in July in peat pots and then transplanted in the garden in September. But when I looked back at older photos, I don’t think they’re growing in the same spots.

That leads me to believe they’re actually volunteers from my summer tomato crop. And all the rain must mixed with the mulch must have provided just the right growing conditions for them. It shouldn’t surprise me because numerous zinnias and marigolds have popped up where seed was scattered from old buds. Why wouldn’t tomatoes do the same thing?The problem is that it’s going on mid-November and there probably isn’t time for them to grow to their full potential. Of course, stranger things have happened, so who knows? Guess I’ll just enjoy the green leaves while they’re around.

2 thoughts on “2015_Day 311: And then there were tomatoes

  1. Julie Riebe Post author

    I know, I’ve been thinking about that. I wonder if I could rig up my small greenhouse over part of the raised bed to keep some of them going? Or just put the greenhouse up in an area of the back yard that will get the most sun and then transplant the tomatoes into some big pots? Might be worth a try.



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