2015_Day 271: I found my pumpkins!

Well, not really. I’m thinking that the two tiny pumpkins I saw today on Wanda are two entirely different pumpkins than the ones that were there before.

Can’t see them in the photo above? Look closely at the far left and far right of the photo. I cropped it so the tiny little buggers would be close to the edges and hopefully, easier to spot.

It’s been two weeks since I tried to rid Wanda of a squash vine borer, and so far, I’ve seen only a few yellow leaves near the main stem. I did my best to get rid of any traces of the borer, but I don’t know how long it should take for the plant to show the effects of it. And I don’t know if the yellow leaves are indicative of what happens.

Something tells me (maybe it’s hope) that Wanda’s yellow leaves aren’t from the squash borer. Wanda’s garden pal, Cosmo, the other, much smaller pumpkin plant in the patch, also has two yellow leaves (lower left corner below) and I haven’t seen any indication of the squash bug in Cosmo’s stem.

I’ll hold out hope that I got rid of the borer and both Wanda and Cosmo will live productive pumpkin lives.

After all, gardeners are nothing if not hopeful, right?

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