2015_Day 252: Waiting on the rain

The potential for rain was promising, especially after hearing before work today that the Dallas area had gotten several inches. And it was headed our way. But, as it many times does, clouds that seemed like they could, would even, open up and delight us with a refreshing shower or three, didn’t. Not a drop.

It sure looks like it’s raining somewhere near. Just not here. A little thunder, a little lightning. A little wind. No rain. We should be used to it, but it’s disappointing nonetheless. I water my garden and flower beds when Mother Nature can’t, but a good, old-fashioned soaking is so much better.

Well, at least the clouds were fun to look at. And who knows, maybe it will rain tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it will rain somewhere. Maybe tomorrow, somewhere will be here.



1 thought on “2015_Day 252: Waiting on the rain

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