2015_Day 297: Bye, bye Patricia

I think the worst of Hurricane Patricia remnants is over and fortunately, it wasn’t too bad for us in central Texas. It really didn’t start raining hard until late last night/early this morning. I woke up when I heard thunder and lightning, followed by pouring rain.

After what seemed like two hours of the hard rain, I actually got up to see what it looked like outside. I must admit I was a little paranoid that we were going to get a foot of rain and it was going to start coming in the house because it couldn’t all soak in and there was nowhere else for it to go in the back yard.

Once I saw for myself that wasn’t happening, I went back to sleep. When I got up at 7 and took darn dog Chloe out, I took the photo of the rain gauge. A little more than 4 inches had fallen. It was enough to leave standing water on one side of the yard (bottom photo) but it actually was less than during the extremely wet month of May.By about 6 p.m., another 1.4 inches had fallen, and the wind was getting pretty blustery. The pumpkins (above) were really getting knocked around. Hopefully it doesn’t get so bad that the tiny pumpkins are ripped from their stems. Guess I’ll see tomorrow; not much I can do about it tonight.

2 thoughts on “2015_Day 297: Bye, bye Patricia

  1. lorieb

    we got the tail end of Patricia here in Canada wednesday night into thursday morning, mostly just heavy winds and lashing rain, nothing like you got there I’m sure

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