2015_Day 305: Rain good for seed sprouting

A couple weeks ago, I vaguely recall spreading zinnia seeds left from dried zinnias in my flower beds in the raised beds by my fall tomatoes and pumpkins. And with all the rain that’s fallen in the past 10 days, a bunch of them are now sprouting.

I didn’t even notice them (or really even remember spreading the seeds) until today when I was walking around the raised beds to see how the pumpkins were faring (fine, by the way, even with all of the windy conditions).There also are quite a few new zinnias popping up in the flower beds, two which are being used as temporary holding areas for dried flowers and other plants. It’s my lame attempt at trying to compost. Well, it’s not really compost, but it does make feel like I’m trying. And by all indications, it appears that the dirt beneath them is good for starting more flowers.

The rain has prompted a few mushrooms to pop up, too.
I’ve always thought it would be fun to grow edible mushrooms. That will probably have to wait for land that is better-suited to mushroom growing (maybe in a few years). I guess I can add that to my gardening bucket list! Which is okay, because it will give me time to read up on the best growing areas for them.

1 thought on “2015_Day 305: Rain good for seed sprouting

  1. Shannon

    You can grow your own edible mushrooms using a 5-gal bucket and sawdust. Google ‘mushroom growing’ and you will get many different edible varieties hat can be home grown. Spent coffee grounds is a fav.

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