2015_Day 306: Can I grow raspberries?

Growing raspberries was really easy in Wisconsin. Of course, it helped that my garden sat on what used to be a cow pasture. It had all the natural fertilizer it needed. Here in central Texas, however, I’m not sure it will be that easy. I certainly don’t have the space I once had, and the weather obviously is much different.

After reading the following post on Pushing Daisies: Gardening Blog, I’m hopeful that maybe there is a way after all.

Info On Growing Raspberries In Containers

Ever wanted to grow raspberries in containers? Worried that you are not much of a gardener and will be unsuccessful? If you want raspberries that are fresh and home grown throughout the year, you should keep a few simple ideas in mind and you will have healthy delicious raspberries, even during drought. You will want […]


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