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I’m finally a country girl again

Yep, four months ago, we moved into what I affectionately call #countryhouse, a 20-year-old ranch home on 5 beautiful acres in central Texas. For most of the time since moving to Texas in August of 2014, we lived in a new house in a new subdivision. The house was OK, the lot was teeny-tiny. Picture standing between your house and your neighbor’s and being able to touch both houses with your arms stretched out. Well, maybe not that close, but you get the idea. I hated the closeness.

Enough about the old house. Continue reading

2015_Day 144: Lazy Sunday after the storm

 While many parts of Texas were cleaning up from historic flooding and tornado damage on this Memorial Day weekend Sunday, we were fortunate to mostly get missed by the bad weather. We just got rain-another 2 1/2 inches-and some wind. Continue reading

2015_Day 109: A lot gets done on a Sunday with nothing to do

The garden looking north on Sunday, April 19.

The garden looking north on Sunday, April 19.

What a beautiful Sunday it was in Georgetown, Texas. After two nights of much welcomed rain, the sun took center stage today. The vegetable and flower gardens look so much better after real rain. I think they know when the drink of water they’re getting is coming from the sky above rather than the faucet. Continue reading

2015_Day 8: Hutch refinishing slow-going but (hopefully) worth it

I can't wait to get this farmhouse style hutch refinished and back into my house.

I can’t wait to get this farmhouse style hutch refinished and back into my house.

The cold has put the kibosh on my newest DIY project – refinishing an old farmhouse-type kitchen hutch we got from the in-laws. I started stripping it about three weeks ago, but haven’t been able to get very far because the Citristrip stripper requires the temperature to be at least 65 degrees. This morning’s temperature in our garage wasn’t even 50! Continue reading

Welcome to Chocolate Chips and Chaos

Georgetown, Texas, sign

Daughter Cassidy, dog Chloe and me on a hot August day during our first visit to the city we now call home.

During the past year, my family has gone through an incredible amount of change. New job(s), new house, new school, new climate and culture (Wisconsin to Texas). Left behind lot of family and good friends for a new life in central Texas.

Exciting. And a little scary, too. Continue reading