Welcome to Chocolate Chips and Chaos

Georgetown, Texas, sign

Daughter Cassidy, dog Chloe and me on a hot August day during our first visit to the city we now call home.

During the past year, my family has gone through an incredible amount of change. New job(s), new house, new school, new climate and culture (Wisconsin to Texas). Left behind lot of family and good friends for a new life in central Texas.

Exciting. And a little scary, too.

In Wisconsin, I had a huge garden and wrote about my experiences in a blog called Garden Booyah. But with all the changes, it doesn’t make sense to continue with just a gardening blog. So, I’m excited to report that I’m starting a new blog – called Chocolate Chips and Chaos. While it will continue to include my trials and tribulations as a newbie to the Texas gardening scene, there’s much, much more to the (controlled) chaos that is my life. From my own search for a new job to learning about the customs of Texas to gardening and DIY projects, there’s a lot going on. So I’m going to blog about it – EVERY DAY.

Yep, that’s my goal with Chocolate Chips and Chaos for 2015. At least a post a day. That’s a pretty big goal for me. It will require a bit more organization on my part than I’ve had of late. But I feel like I’m up for the challenge. I hope you’ll follow along!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Chocolate Chips and Chaos

  1. Shannon

    My gardening has also gone by the wayside with many life changes and chaos in particular. But my DIRT — and kids too — is always happening! So, thankfully, the blog rolls on. 😀

    I read my blogs in the WP Reader every day when I can, so your post-per-day will not be wasted — I promise. If I don’t like or comment it’s only because life has gotten in the way. I look forward to seeing how Chocolate Chips mixed with a bit of Chaos tastes like (oh…wait…maybe I already know this). Happy New Year, Julie. And welcome to the crazy Texas climate. ~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

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    1. Julie Riebe Post author

      Thanks Shannon. My guess is you know the taste of chaos much better than I ever will! I look to DirtNKids for inspiration – I always enjoy your posts. And, life getting in the way (good and not-so good) is the BEST reason to not have time to read other blogs. Happy New Year to you, too. And, I promise, I would like to get together at some point down the road, since we live so much closer now.



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