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2015_Day 360: New Christmas candies a hit

Pinterest continues to be my favorite place to find new recipes for any occasion. Christmas this year was no different, as Pinterest provided me with several recipes that really have been a hit. The candy most-liked by family, friends and co-workers is a melt-in-your-mouth piece of heaven called Salted Chocolate Toffee Pretzel Bark. Five easy ingredients probably already sitting on your pantry shelves or in your fridge: pretzels, chocolate chips, brown sugar, butter and salt. Blogger Mel ( is absolutely correct when she calls this “some of the most addictive faux-candy known to man.” Seriously, I dare you to eat just one piece. Continue reading

2015_Day 358: Christmas Eve treats

With husband and daughter both working this Christmas Eve, I decided to finish baking my holiday treats. Actually, I got most of it done last weekend, but the one thing I didn’t get to was a family favorite — Mint Bars. Continue reading

2015_Day 346: Cookware suggestions anyone?

My current set of cookware was relatively inexpensive and has seen better days. Butter no longer melts evenly in any of the skillets, the bottoms are so warped. That means food doesn’t cook evenly either. Flecks from the bottoms of the pots and pots come off in our food. It’s time to look at a new set. The problem is that I’ve found a few I like, but can’t choose between. And with Christmas sales aplenty right now, I need to make a decision soon. Continue reading

2015_Day 328: As ready as I can be

Turkey defrosting? Check. Potatoes ready to peel and cook? Check. Ingredients for stuffing and pumpkin pie? Check. I’m ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Or will be, once the turkey is defrosted (eta sometime before Thursday morning). Continue reading

2015_Day 325: Soup’s on

Have you ever noticed how the dish you make never looks quite as good as the picture in the recipe? Well, at least that’s true for me, most of the time. Frankly, I don’t care too much as long as whatever I’m making tastes good. That’s the real goal in the long run anyway, right? I mean, it’s not like I’m being judged on a Food Network show or anything. Continue reading

2015_Day 301: Roasty, toasty pumpkin seeds

One of my favorite things about carving pumpkins is what comes out of the slimy inside of the pumpkins — seeds! While I have fun watching daughter carving, I comb through the slime, separating the seeds from the orange goop, anticipating the salty, crunchy goodness to come. Continue reading

2015_Day 109: A lot gets done on a Sunday with nothing to do

The garden looking north on Sunday, April 19.

The garden looking north on Sunday, April 19.

What a beautiful Sunday it was in Georgetown, Texas. After two nights of much welcomed rain, the sun took center stage today. The vegetable and flower gardens look so much better after real rain. I think they know when the drink of water they’re getting is coming from the sky above rather than the faucet. Continue reading