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2015_Day 330: Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful for everyone and everything in my life. Husband, daughter and I shared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my father-in-law and darn dog Chloe (because she’s family, too). Continue reading

2015_Day 329: Out of sight…

So seriously, how does the back wall of an oven get so dirty? I, for one, never really look at it. I mean, I don’t stick my head in my oven too often. Never, in fact, unless I’m considering cleaning it. Continue reading

2015_Day 328: As ready as I can be

Turkey defrosting? Check. Potatoes ready to peel and cook? Check. Ingredients for stuffing and pumpkin pie? Check. I’m ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Or will be, once the turkey is defrosted (eta sometime before Thursday morning). Continue reading