2015_Day 325: Soup’s on

Have you ever noticed how the dish you make never looks quite as good as the picture in the recipe? Well, at least that’s true for me, most of the time. Frankly, I don’t care too much as long as whatever I’m making tastes good. That’s the real goal in the long run anyway, right? I mean, it’s not like I’m being judged on a Food Network show or anything.

The recipe I tried today, Cheesy Baked Tomato Bisque, was awesome, even if it didn’t look quite like the photo that went along with it on Pinterest (at the bottom of this post).

The bisque I made (photo above) doesn’t look bad. I guess it’s just not as sexy as the Pinterest photo. The soup isn’t hard to make — it only takes about a half-hour — but it certainly beats taking a can opener to some Campbell’s! If you’ve got the time and the ingredients, you should give it a try.
The ingredients include bacon (yum), onions, garlic, chicken stock, crushed tomatoes, parsley, basil (I used the last fresh basil from my garden), salt, pepper, heavy cream and shredded cheese. And croutons. The end result is an ooey, gooey mess of creamy goodness that hits the spot on a windy, cold day.  

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