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2015_Day 80: Old and new favorites make the day

My favorite cookie of all time is one that I’ve only been making for maybe the last 10 years or so. I don’t even remember where I got the recipe for Monster Cookies, but I instantly fell in love with them. Continue reading

2015_Day 27: Girl Scout cookies will always be my favorite

These lovely treats need no introduction.

These lovely treats need no introduction.

Back when daughter was a pre-teen, she was a Brownie and a Girl Scout. For me, this time of year also meant I was her troop’s “cookie captain.” Continue reading

2015_Day 18: Another Sunday, another new chicken recipe

I’ve been on a chicken kick lately, partly because I know everyone in the house likes chicken, partly because I’ve been seeing so many great recipes on Pinterest.

In recent weeks, I’ve had really good luck with Cheesy Ranch Chicken and Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken (below). And tonight’s chicken du jour was Mushroom Asiago Chicken (above, in white wine stage). Continue reading

2015_Day 12: Tastes of Wisconsin make my day

2015/01/img_1416.jpgWhat could be better than the Green Bay Packers win over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday? A visit from our oldest, who’s a law student at Minnesota. He made it all the sweeter by bringing two Wisconsin favorites – beer and brats! Continue reading

2015_Day 1: Looking back at 2014 has me a little nostalgic

I'm sure my old garden looks somewhat like this photo, taken in early 2014. Yes, there are times I miss the snow!

I’m sure my old garden looks somewhat like this photo, taken in early 2014. Yes, there are times I miss the snow!

The weather in Texas the past several days — cold, windy and downright blustery — has gotten me feeling a bit sentimental about the state I’ve spent most of my life in and where all of my siblings and parents still reside. We’ve always gotten together at my parents’ house for Christmas to eat, drink, laugh and enjoy each others’ company. Among other dishes, Christmas food always includes my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup, potatoes, Polish blood sausage (it’s my favorite; I drown it in vinegar) and lots of cookies and candies. Of course, there’s always the customary Old-Fashioned (or three) for the adults, too! We fill our bellies before we open gifts in the basement, although several trays of goodies always seem to make their way down the stairs, begging us to munch on them while watching the kiddos delight in their presents. We oblige, of course, because it’s Christmas and it shouldn’t be any other way. Continue reading

Welcome to Chocolate Chips and Chaos

Georgetown, Texas, sign

Daughter Cassidy, dog Chloe and me on a hot August day during our first visit to the city we now call home.

During the past year, my family has gone through an incredible amount of change. New job(s), new house, new school, new climate and culture (Wisconsin to Texas). Left behind lot of family and good friends for a new life in central Texas.

Exciting. And a little scary, too. Continue reading