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2015_Day 301: Roasty, toasty pumpkin seeds

One of my favorite things about carving pumpkins is what comes out of the slimy inside of the pumpkins — seeds! While I have fun watching daughter carving, I comb through the slime, separating the seeds from the orange goop, anticipating the salty, crunchy goodness to come. Continue reading

2015_Day 109: A lot gets done on a Sunday with nothing to do

The garden looking north on Sunday, April 19.

The garden looking north on Sunday, April 19.

What a beautiful Sunday it was in Georgetown, Texas. After two nights of much welcomed rain, the sun took center stage today. The vegetable and flower gardens look so much better after real rain. I think they know when the drink of water they’re getting is coming from the sky above rather than the faucet. Continue reading

2015_Day 80: Old and new favorites make the day

My favorite cookie of all time is one that I’ve only been making for maybe the last 10 years or so. I don’t even remember where I got the recipe for Monster Cookies, but I instantly fell in love with them. Continue reading

2015_Day 25: Easy stir-fry beef with veggies a great Sunday ticket

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I’ve gotten into a comfortable routine on Sundays lately — finding a recipe on Pinterest that I can make for supper. It was hard to do in the fall when daughter’s soccer games took us away from home one or both weekend days, so it’s nice getting back to the homemade meals for the past month or two. Continue reading