2015_Day 25: Easy stir-fry beef with veggies a great Sunday ticket

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I’ve gotten into a comfortable routine on Sundays lately — finding a recipe on Pinterest that I can make for supper. It was hard to do in the fall when daughter’s soccer games took us away from home one or both weekend days, so it’s nice getting back to the homemade meals for the past month or two.

Today was the kind of January day I imagined when I first heard we were moving to Texas. Blue skies, 72 degrees, it was perfect, I tell ya. Got the laundry done early in the day then took darn dog Chloe for a long walk in the afternoon in shorts and a T-shirt (me, not her). In fact, I think I would have even been a little warm had it not been for a strong breeze. Now this is what I’m talking about!

The sauce gives the beef and veggies a tangy, yet sweet taste.

The sauce gives the beef and veggies a tangy, yet sweet taste.

The walk put me in a good mood and worked up my appetite, and I decided on stir-fry beef — a recipe I’ve used several times before. It’s actually called The Best Easy Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry. It really is easy to make, but what I like best about it is that I can substitute virtually any fresh veggies for the broccoli. Or just put in additional veggies in. Today I added mushrooms and some leftover yellow and green peppers I had in the frig. And although I’ve always used beef, chicken could easily be substituted. I usually make rice with it, but pasta would work, too.

And the sauce is so simple, but so amazing. I love the tangy yet sweet taste the mixture of brown sugar, soy sauce, ginger and cornstarch gives the cooked beef and veggies. My mouth waters with each bite. Yum!

If you’re ever looking for a quick, easy stir-fry recipe, you really should try this one. You won’t be disappointed.

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